Episode 37

June 02, 2022

On this episode of The Golden Age of Orthodontics, Dr. Leon and Amy are joined by Dr. Adam Schulhof. As CEO of Grin, Dr. Schulhof guides the Orthodontic vision and patient experience with his innovative orthodontic knowledge. Committing to continually refining and improving his techniques and knowledge is essential to his practice. Tune in to learn more from Dr. Schulof on this episode!

In this episode, we address other important topics like:
  • Dr. Schulof talks about Grin and how it came to be
  • The importance of data, patients' chair time, and patient experience
  • Barriers of entry in the orthodontic model
  • Grin vs. Dental monitoring
  • Dr. Schulof shares where he believes the Orthodontic industry will be five years from now?

Key Takeaways:

  • Many Orthodontists see challenges in the market today, but Dr. Schulof sees them as opportunities.
  • Data can help each practice improve their patient experiences.
  • Improving patient experience can lead to more patients, less chair time, and more profits.

About Dr. Adam Schulhof:

Creating a smile that unites a premium patient experience together with bleeding-edge technology is at my foundation of more than two decades in the orthodontic industry. Seeing transformative shifts in the needs of patients after they turned to disappointing orthodontic alternatives, my two fellow co-founders and I saw the opportunity to make orthodontics accessible to patients again. As CEO of Grin, I bring my industry-renowned orthodontic knowledge together with a deep understanding of the latest innovations in orthodontic technology. I guide the orthodontic vision for Grin, oversee the creation of appliances, as well as the development of industry partnerships. Before founding Grin, I founded KinderSmiles and The Schulhof Center practices in the New York Tri-State area, which specialize in lingual braces, clear aligners, and other custom aesthetic cutting edge options. Beyond working with patients, I serve as a clinical instructor and lecture worldwide, maintaining my commitment to continually refining experiential orthodontics. I’ve been recognized by organizations such as 3M and Incognito as a leading authority and key opinion leader in orthodontics. I also hold multiple patents in the field of orthodontics and am one of the co-creators of the Incognito Lite appliance system.

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