4 Strategies To Implement A Digital Practice (Part 1)

August 21, 2023

Business models are being turned upside down by disruptive technologies, with traditional players either adapting or dying. It’s no different in dentistry. The opportunity to harness technology to transform into a digital practice by meeting patients where they want to be virtually and providing convenience in treatment can help you become more profitable.

How Do You Build A Digital Practice?

After years of testing, improving practice workflow efficiencies from marketing to treatment technology, and hundreds of hours of conversations with experts, we’ve outlined the four strategies you need to implement below.

Attract potential patients from where they are

Any lead capture and conversion system worth its salt must allow digital savvy patients to seamlessly discover and interact with your practice from anywhere, anytime. You have to recognize that patients do their own research and require more information and connection to become loyal to your practice. You have to provide them with the information they need to make a quick decision about coming to your practice for treatment, leading them to your website through engaging content.

Then, once you attract potential patients to your website, you should offer multiple touchpoints through HIPAA-compliant chat, text, and online forms. Since shopping for a new provider is easy these days, a busy patient isn’t going to wait for a call back to schedule. They want to cross a task off their to-do list as quickly as possible. These communication channels will allow you to answer questions or schedule a consultation online.

An integrated platform like our own PatientCue™ provides HIPAA-compliant new patient forms, allow staff to respond to questions in real-time through two-way HIPAA-compliant texting, and offers an engaging website experience through chat functionality. The platform also has a convenient dashboard to see it all in one place. Speed is of the essence here. You need to be able to respond to new patient inquiries immediately and either rule them out as candidates or nurture them along the way to schedule an appointment…

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