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LightForce Orthodontics
Personalized Care, Optimized Results

LightForce Orthodontics is revolutionizing orthodontic care with cutting-edge, custom bracket technology, offering personalized digital treatment plans that are faster, more precise, and tailored to each patient's unique needs. Experience the new standard of care with LightForce’s 3D printed, fully custom brackets, combined with indirect bonding, and digital planning.

Making Dentistry Smarter

DM Insights provides immediate, clear analytics on clinical operations and practice workflow. Measure and enhance the effectiveness of your protocols and techniques with this unique solution in the industry.



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uLab Systems
Creator of the uDesign® treatment planning software and uSmile™ clear aligners

uLab believes that the orthodontist’s expertise and experience are critical when treating patients. The company is dedicated to developing tools that help bring their vision to life. uLab offers a treatment system comprising clear aligners and treatment planning software that allows orthodontists to design the perfect smile for their patients, along with custom packaging services that advance the practice’s brand.

McGill and Lyon Dental Advisors
Financial Tools to Reach Your Goals Faster with Better Results and Less Stress

For over 35 years McGill and Lyon Dental Advisors has helped dentists and specialists exceed their goals through tax, business, and financial planning, new doctor planning, and planning for successful retirement.

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