AAO Webinar: A Low Fee Model is Not Your Only Option

September 28, 2018

Earn CE credit in this free webinar on how to grow a high quality orthodontic practice using digital marketing hosted by People & Practice's co-founder and CEO, Dr. Leon Klempner.

A Low Fee Model is Not Your Only Option

Date: December 12, 2018

Time: 07:30PM - 08:45PM

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With downward pressure on fees, many orthodontists are changing their business model to stay competitive. But lowering fees to increase volume is not your only option. Rather, adjust to this new business environment by communicating your expertise and the high quality services you provide while focusing on acquiring new patients who are willing to pay for it. This webinar will highlight:
  1. Attracting the right new patients with differentiating, educational content
  2. Activating current patients to advocate for your practice online: to their friends and on review sites
  3. Nurturing relationships among interested new patients to speed up the time to start
Length of Session: Each session consisting of lecture and audience questions will last 75 minutes. Cost: No charge, but advance registration is required. Continuing Education: Each participant who completes the Webinar will earn 1.25 CE credit. To register for this webinar: click here.
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