Get More Out of Dental Monitoring

July 01, 2019

Changes to our specialty are all around us. Likewise, we have to change to ensure our practices continue to thrive.

Many of our clients have been evaluating Dental Monitoring, a mobile monitoring solution that allows doctors to control the position and shape of a patients’ teeth remotely and continuously. The system is designed to work with most treatment plans or post-treatment follow-ups, from regular brackets to lingual appliances or removable pre-planned aligners.

It’s a powerful piece of advanced technology.

But simply starting with a new piece of technology is only half the battle. Letting the right people know about it - and that you're the first practice in your area to be providing it - is the other.

People & Practice has a comprehensive promotional program to highlight the benefits that come with a program like Dental Monitoring, including: fewer office visits, virtual appointments, faster treatment times, and texting with the doctor.

Your practice needs a marketing plan to communicate this to new patients who will value these benefits the most. Our goal is to take them from wherever they are online and bring them to your website to learn more and schedule an appointment, be it through a phone call, web form submission or sharing photos for a digital consult.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you roll out your new technologies, and promote your practice overall.

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