DentalTown Podcast: Successful Dental Marketing with Dr. Leon Klempner

August 11, 2017

Can the independent practice compete against DSOs commoditizing the business of dentistry? Is there a way to differentiate yourself so that your practice stands out amongst growing competition? Will patients see the value in your practice over a low-cost alternative? The answer to all the above questions is YES. If you have the right marketing mix. On the latest episode of Dr. Howard Farran's podcast, Dentistry Uncensored, co-founder of People & Practice, Dr. Leon Klempner, talks about how his marketing agency gets his client's practices to convert leads into patients. It's a fascinating conversation about where the dental industry has been and where it's going. More importantly, it's about how the independant practitioner can not only survive but thrive in today's marketplace. Give the podcast a listen on the DentalTown website here. You can also watch the episode on video or subscribe to the Dentistry Uncensored podcast on iTunes.
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