Klempner Highlighted in McGill Advisory Newsletter: How To Generate More Positive Online Reviews

August 17, 2015

We're pleased that Dr. Klempner was highlighted in the July McGill Advisory newsletter, in an article titled How to Generate More Positive Online Reviews. 

Highlights include: says it’s important to target patients/parents who love you and ask them to share their experience online. He says many patients feel honored and are happy to share their positive experience. Receiving a compliment provides an excellent opportunity to approach a patient about an online review, turning them into brand ambassadors that promote your practice to friends, family, and neighbors. It’s also important to understand what’s happening online regarding your practice. This means monitoring all public reviews across the web for any negative comments, and taking any such conversation offline quickly to limit the damage. In his office, Dr. Klempner offers an online feedback form on two dedicated office iPads, with one in the reception area and the other in the treatment area. He and his staff ask patients and parents throughout the day if they wouldn’t mind providing feedback (not “reviews”) so they can make their patient experience even better. The form also asks their name, email, and some information about their review site usage. This feedback is collected on a private site, so they get as much information as possible. Whether positive or constructive (negative), all comments are welcome. He also provides the digital intake form on his practice’s website.

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Read How To Generate More Positive Online Reviews The above article was reprinted with permission from The McGill Advisory, a monthly newsletter with online resources devoted to tax, financial planning, investments, and practice management matters exclusively for the dental profession, published by John K. McGill & Company, Inc. (a member of The McGill & Hill Group, LLC).  Visit www.mcgillhillgroup.com/newsletter or call 888.249.7537 for further information.
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