Klempner Highlighted in McGill Advisory Newsletter: Addressing the threat of Corporate Dental Entities

November 30, 2015

We're pleased that Dr. Klempner was highlighted in the November McGill Advisory newsletter, in an article titled How to Respond to the Growing Threat of Corporate Dentistry

Corporate dentistry poses a real threat to traditional practices: they’re commoditizing dental care, challenging us to compete on price and convenience. In response, the inclination is often to discount fees, encourage more patients to accept treatment, or sign up for discounted managed care plans. While these tactics may have been effective in defending against private dental competitors in the past, they won’t work against corporate dentistry. They have sophisticated marketing programs, centralized systems, purchasing power, extended facility hours… the list goes on. They’re out to grab market share of the fee-sensitive patient and they’ve been successful. So we’re faced with a decision: compete against corporate dentistry in delivering commoditized dental care, or forge another way forward. Read more here...

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How to Respond to the Growing Threat of Corporate Dentistry The above article was reprinted with permission from The McGill Advisory, a monthly newsletter with online resources devoted to tax, financial planning, investments, and practice management matters exclusively for the dental profession, published by John K. McGill & Company, Inc. (a member of The McGill & Hill Group, LLC).  Visit www.mcgillhillgroup.com/newsletter or call 888.249.7537 for further information.
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