Our Latest Podcast Guest: Gianna Hartwig & Trey Lawrence, AAO Legal Team

October 05, 2019


In Episode 6 of our podcast, The Survival Guide for Orthodontists, we speak with Gianna Hartwig, State Affairs Coordinator, and Trey Lawrence, Associate General Counsel, from the American Association of Orthodontists legal team. During our discussion we tap into legal issues that are top of mind for many orthodontists and the AAO’s position on these matters as they battle the issues and provide support for orthodontists and the industry.

In this episode we address:

  • Legal ramifications for orthodontists of speaking out about direct-to-consumer orthodontics and how and when it’s appropriate
  • AAO’s legal support fund that provides grants to support state legal issues if they arise
  • Implications and outcomes of two court cases in Ohio and Texas that challenged specialty advertising rules in dentistry
  • The AAO’s position on teledentistry and the AAO list of parameters to protect patient health and safety while allowing practitioners to explore this technology

Do not miss this in-depth discussion of these important issues and the very informative advice that the AAO legal team offers.


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