Our Next Podcast Guest: Dr Jonathan Nicozisis

July 02, 2019

On our latest podcast episode, we speak with Dr Jonathan Nicozisis - a national lecturer and educator who teaches about advanced techniques with Invisalign - about the disruption of the industry by clear aligner technology and the direct-to-consumer business model. His philosophy aligns with our own that doctors need to embrace the change and make it work for them instead of fighting it.

Listen in on our wide-ranging and informative conversation with Dr. Nicozisis in this episode that includes discussions about:

  • How clear aligner treatment is not being taught in residency programs and what Dr. Nicozisis is doing to fix that with his Aligner Intensive Fellowship program
  • The impact of communication on a local level to differentiate the specialist from the general dentist in orthodontic treatment
  • Changing the narrative on offering limited treatment to patients by discussing and educating patients and offering all the options
  • Addressing consumers’ desire for convenience that is driving them to direct-to-consumer alternatives
  • For fun we also play Monday Morning Quarterback and ask Dr. Nicozisis what he would do differently in hindsight as a young orthodontists just out of school

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