Our Next Podcast Guest: Landy Chase

January 05, 2020

We speak with Landy Chase, president and CEO of OrthoYes, an orthodontic business consultancy that specializes in training practices how to increase their start rates with effective and detailed procedures for all members of the office staff. He is also an author of five books on the subject, In this episode we speak with Landy about how your office can start more cases and improve overall conversion rates. The secret? It’s not improving the performance of your Treatment Coordinator but how the doctor communicates the value of treatment to prospective patients.

Topics covered also include:

  • The skills to look for in hiring a Treatment Coordinator
  • How to structure an effective initial consultation with your TC
  • How orthodontists can compete with “Big Ortho”

About Our Guest:

Landy Chase is a practice consultant and award-winning author and speaker who specializes in training orthodontic practices to increase the start rate of prospective patients. He provides highly effective, detailed procedures for doctors, TCs and staff to attract and acquire new orthodontic patients for client practices. He works exclusively within the orthodontic profession as a trainer, consultant and coach and has been a featured speaker at numerous study clubs around the United States. He has worked personally with over 100 client practices in just the last three years.

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