Our Specialty is Under Attack

April 30, 2019

Smile Direct Club and Align will spend over $300,000,000 in advertising in 2019 targeting your future patients. Their message is simple - all orthodontics is the same. It does not matter whether you go to an orthodontist, general dentist or direct mail (DTC), the treatment will all be the same. Their message is that tooth straightening is a commodity and you will get the same result no matter where you get your aligners.

If you allow this message to penetrate your local community, the only deciding factors will be price and convenience. This is a losing proposition for your practice.

We believe consumers deserve to know that there is a difference between doctor supervised treatment and unsupervised do-it-yourself tooth movement.

If there is one thing that is at the foundation of everything People & Practice does as a marketing agency for our industry, it is our support and belief that your years of advanced training and expertise separates a mere technician from a professional.

If your practice is seeing a decline in new patient starts because they just don’t know the difference (and who might be paying the price later on) contact People & Practice today. We will explain how we educate prospective new patients who are ready to make a decision about orthodontics why your practice is the best choice, bringing patients back to your office and away from low cost, unmonitored alternatives.

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