People + Practice Partnering With DentalMonitoring - Offering Practices a Remote Monitoring Solution to Attract Digital Natives and Fuel Profitable Practice Growth

October 19, 2022

If there was a win/win solution that would save your practice money and make treatment more convenient for patients wouldn’t it be a no-brainer? That’s what we thought.

That’s why People + Practice has partnered with DentalMonitoring, the industry-leading company that has pioneered remote monitoring and artificial intelligence in the field of orthodontics. This new collaboration will help practices utilize remote monitoring and, importantly, promote the convenience and quality that their evolving patient population desires in the treatment experience.

“Patients today want convenience and practices that deploy DentalMonitoring offer shorter treatment times, fewer in-office appointments and seamless communication, delivering a superior patient experience, irrespective of treatment modality,” says Dr. Leon Klempner, CEO of People + Practice. “Our marketing clients utilize DentalMonitoring to provide a better experience and attract more patients, creating a substantial change in their financial outcomes.”

Building on its technology portfolio, DentalMonitoring recently launched its groundbreaking Virtual Practice Platform designed for doctors and patients to partner along the entire treatment journey through a suite of intelligent workflows and tools. Doctors will be able to identify, engage, qualify, and convert leads, optimize treatment and monitor patients, as well as benefit from opportunities for new revenue streams.

“The Virtual Practice Platform transforms care by allowing for lifetime patient engagement as well as practice optimization,” says Philippe Salah, CEO of DentalMonitoring. “This innovation is a testament to our forward-thinking mindset, led by an incredible team.”

Through the platform, DentalMonitoring aims to spearhead widespread transformation for practices who seek to benefit from data management, streamlined communication and operational efficiency all in one workflow. Doctors will be able to safely address a variety of orthodontic patient cases and optimize operations, from chair time and lead engagement to post-treatment monetization.

“Combined with our own tech-forward solutions like PatientCue™, a technology suite designed to accelerate the journey from website inquiry to scheduled appointment, we offer a powerful stack of cutting-edge marketing and technology solutions that offers significant growth opportunities for practices today,” said Dr. Klempner.

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