People & Practice to Speak at Dental Monitoring Symposium

August 17, 2017

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color='' admin_preview_bg=''] Our very own Dr. Leon Klempner, co-founder of People & Practice, was invited to lecture at the Dental Monitoring Symposium being held Oct. 6-7, 20167 in Las Vegas. Dr. Klempner will talk about the new marketing playbook that all orthodontists will have to follow if they want to compete against corporate dentistry where orthodontic services are being commoditized to the point that new patients only care about low fees. When you hear Dr. Klempner speak you will learn how to market your practice better based on value instead of low fees using the power of differentiation. Dr. Klempner will also talk technology, including the Dental Monitoring system, a remote scanning technology, that helps to increase the standard of care for patients, maximizes visibility and modernity, making orthodontists into an instant marketing maven. Click to find out more about the symposium and register to attend. Watch Dr. Klempner talk about the symposium and invite you to join him in Las Vegas... [/av_textblock]
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