Press Release: Dr. Leon Klempner, Full Time CEO at People & Practice

February 09, 2016

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] Dr. Leon Klempner has retired his position of active orthodontist at Coolsmiles, the practice he founded in 1978, in order to devote his full-time efforts as CEO to People & Practice, a marketing firm specializing in services for private pay medical, dental, orthodontic and veterinary offices. He joins Amy Epstein, Managing Partner, in her full time focus on executive management of the business. Their active team of Reputation Management Specialists, Social Media Specialists, Graphic Artists, Website Designers and Account Managers are pleased to have his expertise full-time. “While I am sad to leave the orthodontic practice I built and have been a part of for 38 years, my retirement from clinical practice puts me in a place where I can have a more active and full-time role with People & Practice. This is an opportunity for me to build on the success we’ve already seen with our marketing agency - bringing stronger business acumen and marketing creativity to doctors across the US and Canada.“ - Dr. Leon Klempner The leadership transition from Dr. Klempner to Dr. David Amram, a partner at Coolsmiles, was handled by People & Practice to ensure that communications were clear and consistent throughout the process. People & Practice: Marketing for Doctors is located in New York City and services orthodontists, dentists, physicians and veterinarians across the US and Canada. Their services include: Reputation Management, On-line Review Management, Social Media Management, Patient Engagement, Advertising, Blogging, Branding, Website Development, SEO and Transition Management. To view Coolsmiles' goodbye video please visit their Facebook page: Coolsmiles Respekt For more information on how People & Practice can help your business, contact us today! [/av_textblock]
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