Six Things to Do to Make Your Ortho Practice Experience Special Post-Covid

May 29, 2020

Some of our clients have said that they feel they can't do any of the things they used to do that make the patient experience special at their practices. So we put together this short list of some ideas to help:

Custom Masks - Get some fun cloth masks made up or purchase some cool styles that are available now and give them away during first time office visits as a welcome back gift.

Hard of Hearing Friendly" Masks  - These allow for people to see your smile through the mask. Could be a nice way to feel like you're connecting more with your patients.  

Big Welcome - When you reopen, for some patients, it will be one of the first places they get to go to since quarantine began. Make it a big deal. Have everyone shout the patient’s name when they come in the door (“Welcome back, Johnny!”). Since you will probably be seeing a limited number of patients at one time, this should be easy to do for the first few weeks.

Patient Appreciation Event: Drive In Movie - You'd need a large field and to rent a screen / projector system. Might need to do a few nights in order to incorporate the number of people you usually have at your events.

Birthday Surprise - Find a local shop to deliver cookies or something else fun for every birthday in your database.

Patient Appreciation Party - Host a Zoom party. Hire a virtual DJ (this is a thing now) and ask the patients to join. Give prizes to patients in attendance and offer them advice on orthodontic treatment. You can use this as a great way to inform patients on your new office rules post-Covid as well.

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