Want More People Calling Your Practice? Clone Your Patients!

January 14, 2019

We can all agree that there’s nothing better than our existing patients. While they’re in our chairs, they’re a captive audience to our bad jokes and our great service. If we’ve done our jobs right, people leave the office with a healthy smile and a healthy appreciation for our practice. We already know that everything from the decor to the front desk staff are a part of a good marketing plan to help capture and convert patients, make them feel at home throughout treatment and, if we’re lucky, sing our praises to their friends and family. We would also expect that if everything falls into place we can rely on repeat business from current patients’ siblings or even parents looking for adult braces or Invisalign. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could just clone our existing clientele to create more patients? Spoiler alert: You CAN! And it’s not Sci-Fi (or maybe it is depending on how technologically savvy you are.) It’s advertising in the digital age. To find new patients who are just like the ones you already treat, People & Practice uses Facebook’s powerful ad platform to build custom lists of people who are within driving distance of your office and target them with educational advertising. There is also a lot that you can do with the fans of your practice’s Facebook page. People & Practice employs a series of lead generation techniques on social media to activate your business page fans and their network. Using our know-how, combined with Facebook’s technology, we can target exactly the people YOU WANT calling your practice - and we can use the patients you already have to help inform that audience. Our marketing programs help capture the attention of people who are not connected to your current patients and are in the market for your services. Are you looking to pull more patients into your practice who are willing to pay for quality, personalized service? Give us a call for a free marketing analysis and learn how we practically clone your best patients! Click here to contact People & Practice , call 888.866.DOCS, or email [email protected].
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