What takes years to build and seconds to destroy? Your Reputation.

May 29, 2015

Your reputation is your most important business asset. What are you doing to get your patients to publish great things about you and your practice on public review sites like Google and Yelp? Equally as important, what are you doing to help prevent your patients from writing negative reviews about you and your practice? A recent study on local consumer decision-making mentions a few statistics that underscore this point: ➢ 85% of your patients say that they read online reviews for local businesses ➢ 73% of your patients say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more ➢ Only 12% of patients said they take no notice of online reviews The bottom line is that people go out and look for reviews before making decisions. We know that there’s a lot of apprehension and discomfort around asking patients for reviews, and for good reason. It can be awkward in the best case and nerve wracking in the worst, as it feels like there’s little control over what people decide to write. It’s true that negative reviews can be very damaging…you’ve spent years building up your reputation and it’s a shame that a comment or two can tarnish it. The truth is that you can’t please everyone. A bad review will come…the key is to be prepared. The way to defend against negative feedback is by proactively buffering your online review pages with positive feedback. This makes a single negative comment look like an outlier. That’s why we’ve developed a Reputation Management program that “catches” negative feedback before it goes public, allowing for timely off-line resolution. It also pinpoints your happiest patients and turns them into brand ambassadors that promote you to friends, family and neighbors. We will also monitor all of your public reviews across the web for any potentially negative comments that were present before we began working together or that didn’t go through our system. If you do receive a public review that’s less than ideal, the best approach is to take it offline quickly and find a resolution that reflects you and your practice in a positive light. Contact me directly for a free practice analysis and pricing information. Dr. Leon Klempner, Founder - People & Practice, LLC - [email protected] Watch free webinar -Sponsored by Henry Schein Orthodontics - Dr. Klempner - Protecting Your Online Reputation  
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