What We Learned at AAO This Year

May 14, 2019

We just returned from the AAO 2019 Annual Session in Los Angeles and we are excited to share what we have learned.

Yes, we were invited to give a lecture on practice marketing, but because this is the biggest orthodontic conference in the world, it was just as important for us to find out the latest and greatest so we can stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry. These changes are affecting the way we do business and challenging independent orthodontists’ abilities to adapt if they are to survive.

We thought it’d be helpful to share some of our observations regarding trends and technology, particularly for those who weren’t there. Here are a few things we learned:

  • Manufacturers are responding to increasing demand for clear aligners. That means more companies are out there providing more aligners than ever before. While we believe braces won’t ever go away for kids, for the teen and adult population it is only going to continue to grow. We cannot fight this. We need to buckle down and start focusing hard on getting the same result we’ve been able to get with brackets, but with plastic.
  • Disruption doesn’t mean extinction. Technology partners are launching innovations that will help orthodontists adjust to the direct-to-consumer disruption. Digital initial consultations and/or Artificial Intelligence-assisted remote treatment monitoring can reduce office visits, provide a more convenient experience, and foster better communication with patients. These are things that consumers are demanding and we can provide it for them.
  • Digital printing options are becoming easier and cheaper for the average practice. This exciting development gives lower volume practices a way to treat simple cases with less overhead, and less overload on your staff.

There is no doubt about it, the digital native demographic is becoming the decision-maker in matters of orthodontics. We need to prepare ourselves to utilize these innovations to differentiate our practices, provide a competitive edge, and moreover, give them what they are looking for.

Our expertise in digital marketing helps you communicate with the digital natives in your community so they understand that your practice best meets their needs. We ensure your practice is poised for success and has every tool you need to become the orthodontic practice of choice for a new generation.

If you’re interested in learning more about these trends and technologies, let us know. We’re making recommendations and then marketing them to the consumer on behalf of our clients.

Let’s talk about how that might work for your practice.

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