Who Are Nanoinflouencers & Why Your Practice Needs Them!

January 03, 2019

When you put a name to a trend it can suddenly go viral. Take the concept of the Nanoinfluencer, for example. A recent New York Times article talked about the latest marketing scheme that companies have become queued into. Incentivizing everyday people with high engagement on social media to help reach their network of friends and relatives, something we’ve been talking about for years. What’s old is new again On social media the concept of finding influencers to help peddle your wares has been around forever. This is where advertisers reach out to people with millions of followers and hire them to talk about their products. The idea is that if these trendsetters are identifying with your company on social, your brand will benefit from the boost. If it sounds familiar, that’s because it is. Celebrity endorsements have been around almost since the beginning of the modern ad age. The problem is that social media Influencers - like celebrities - are expensive and selective in who they will endorse. So marketers tried to find people who were a little lower on the social media ladder, people with thousands, not millions of followers. They were called Microinfluencers. This worked for a while. Now, marketers want to make use of people who are popular in their networks but without the huge reach of other influencers - people who may only have hundreds of followers but who have high engagement within their little corner of the social media universe. Sound familiar? If you’ve read our blog, heard us speak, or read one of our bylined articles in the top orthodontic industry magazines, then you know that one of the pillars of a good digital marketing program is to engage with people who are the neighbors and friends of your current patients so they can become aware of your services. That’s right, people on Facebook who have a few hundred friends have always been our clients’ target influencers on social media. So you can say that we have been in the practice of finding and connecting with Nanoinfluencers for our clients’ practices from day one. Nanoinfluencer marketing is not rocket science, it’s common sense. In study after study, people have already expressed that they trust their peers as much or more than an expert. So if you can get a patient to become a brand champion of your practice or sharing the content that you put out there then you’re marketing program is making good use of the Nanoinfluencers in your community. Remember, more and more people are going to social media first when researching where to take their business. You need to make sure you engage with your community’s Nanoinfluencers to reach more people and convert more patients. If you want to know more about how to supercharge your marketing and increase patient starts for your practice, contact People & Practice today for a free marketing analysis, at 888.866.DOCS, or by email at [email protected]. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels
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