Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics

As a top-tier Invisalign practice that implements Dental Monitoring to see patients remotely, Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics had relatively low lab fees and limited in-person visits with patients. Dr. Dale Davis and the team began focusing more on maintaining per-visit profitability as a key performance indicator for the practice, rather than case fee.
That’s when GLBO decided to implement a tiered pricing model, marketing directly to those with simpler cases, to reach an entirely new segment of the orthodontic market while still maintaining high margins.
What We Did
Communicated that there is flexibility in orthodontic treatment and pricing to match.
Focused the marketing to capture the segment that’s willing to pay more than direct to consumer prices to have an orthodontist supervise their treatment.
Educated the community as to why it’s important to have an orthodontic specialist supervise orthodontic treatment.
Messaged around honesty regarding the practice’s ability to offer low treatment fees and for it still to be a good business decision.

Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics began adding more patients to its roster, drawing from a group of people who weren’t the typical orthodontic patient beforehand. At the same time, the doctors were able to work less hard, as there were fewer in-office appointments per case. Per patient profitability, conversion and gross production all grew. Importantly, the doctors were able to serve more people in the community.

As an orthodontist himself, Leon has a vast amount of knowledge on many topics related to all phases of dentistry, and that knowledge is ever-growing with the great offices he surrounds himself with and helps to create. This has made a huge impact on our office and our quality of life. Social media is a top five referral source for us. New families are pre-sold on our practice through the reviews and get a preview of our office culture. From where we started with People + Practice, we are up from 1.7 million in net collections to over 2.8 million... that’s real ROI. It has increased the value of our practice significantly as we have since become partners in our transition with our associate and further guarantees his success in his future.

- Dr. Dale Davis // Great Lakes Bay Orthodontics

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