Ep 16 - Talking with Greg Pellegrom, CEO of SmileSnap

July 13, 2020

During this 30-minute podcast episode we speak with Greg Pellegrom, CEO of SmileSnap, a company that develops software for virtual dental consultations that integrates with your current workflow. We talk about how technology that promoted online, remote appointments provided a lifeline for offices and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic but also extends beyond this use to the future of orthodontic practices.

We also discuss:

  • The acceleration of the disruption of the orthodontics industry
  • How integrating virtual consultation solutions on your website helps start new cases
  • The importance of marrying a digital marketing strategy with new technology solutions to convert patients
  • How virtual technologies like SmileSnap can make your practice more efficient
  • Providing a great digital experience that translates into a great office experience
  • The advantage of SmileSnap in its usability and design applications
  • What is in the future for SmileSnap?

About our guest:

Greg Pellegrom is CEO and co-founder of SmileSnap. Greg spent 15 years in orthodontic technology sales with companies like Forestadent, OrthoAccel, and 3M. With the explosion of the direct-to-consumer aligner market, Greg saw an opportunity to create a company that connects orthodontics with patients through a convenient and transparent virtual experience. SmileSnap is installed in nearly 1,500 offices and has managed almost 40,000 virtual consultations.


SmileSnap website

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