Episode 19

October 15, 2020

Dr. Leon Klempner and Amy Epstein invited Align’s President & CEO Joseph Hogan back to the podcast to talk about the future of orthodontics. Joe is adept at finding opportunities for advanced technology to increase market share in the medical industry. He brought his expertise from the Healthcare division at GE to Align Technology. In this 30-minute podcast we speak to Joe about the digital transformation in orthodontics.

In this episode, we recap some important topics like:

  • Do you plan on re-opening the now-closed Invisalign retail outlets?
  • What is driving this digital transformation in orthodontics?
  • How COVID-19 created the need for virtual consultation applications
  • Adjustments that Align Technologies made to help orthodontists during the pandemic
  • Marketing plans for Align Technologies to promote Invisalign for orthodontic partners
  • The genesis of the new Invisalign Stickables product
Joseph Hogan joined Align in June 2015 as President, Chief Executive Officer, and a Director of Align Technology. Mr. Hogan has extensive experience leading large companies, including CEO roles at ABB, a global power and automation technologies company based in Zurich, Switzerland and GE Healthcare.

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