Ep 22 - Talking With Amir Abolfathi About How Technology Gives Orthos Control Over Production, Process, & Costs

February 16, 2021

In this 30 minute podcast we speak with Amir Abolfathi, the CEO and Cofounder of uLab Systems, developer of the next generation uSmile system that gives orthodontists control over treatment planning and processes while reducing their lab costs. Amir describes uLab Systems as a company that develops a suite of products for orthodontic tools: aligners, brackets and other hybrid systems. Computational power has increased exponentially, allowing orthos to now use a laptop computer to design treatments on systems like uSmile and then either send specs to the company’s manufacturing center or produce in-house with a 3D printer.

We also cover important topics like:

  • How AI and machine learning simplifies production and treatment planning technology for orthodontists
  • Addressing pain points that orthodontists face with future technological features
  • Using a products like uLab Systems offers to lower patient costs

Amir Abolfathi has over 30 years of experience founding, building, and managing medical device companies. He is currently CEO and Cofounder of uLab Systems, the developer of the next generation uSmile aligner system. Prior to uLab, Amir was a founding member of Tusker Medical which was acquired by Smith & Nephew in 2020. He also was a founding member of EndoTex Interventional Systems and Embolic Protection, Inc which both were sold to Boston Scientific. Amir was the Executive Vice President of Research and Development at Align Technology, creator of Invisalign. He has held various management and engineering positions at Pfizer, Guidant, and Baxter-Edwards and has over 100+ issued patents.

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