Episode 30

November 01, 2021

In this 30 minute podcast we speak about selling your practice with financial expert Brad Kucharo from John McGill & Company. Brad has been a frequent guest of the show and is always ready to share his smart financial advice. In this episode, Brad talks about financial considerations for orthodontists in a number of different scenarios, especially what to expect with the proposed tax laws. In this episode, we address other important topics like:
  • The overview of proposed new tax laws and how they will affect orthodontists’ income
  • Considering the current market conditions and possible tax changes, when is it advisable to sell the business and is it beneficial to sell to a DSO
  • What doctors should consider regarding newly proposed estate tax laws
  • Actions to take in year-end tax planning that can potentially save orthodontists money
Brad Kucharo is both a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner and has been providing customized tax and business planning services exclusively for the dental profession since 2007. He has helped over 500 dentists and specialists across the country plan for financial independence, reduced stress and greater peace of mind. Brad also developed and directs John McGill & Company’s comprehensive “Planning for Retirement” service. He formerly worked at Price Waterhouse Coopers and is a current member of the American Institute of CPA’s and the North Carolina Association of Certified public accountants.

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