Episode 4

August 13, 2019

We speak with LeeAnn Peniche about the techniques and efficiencies needed to run a modern orthodontic practice. Peniche is the founder and president of Peniche & Associates, a company that teaches orthodontists about the processes and marketing they need to excel in the business of orthodontics. In this episode we engage Peniche about her business philosophy and recommendations including topics like how to increase pure conversion numbers, assessing if a patient is open to virtual consultations, and the best way to implement limited treatment options into your practice. IN THIS EPISODE:
  • Addressing poor conversion rates and simplifying the process to get patients to yes
  • How patient demographics changes the way we communicate with them
  • Technological differentiators orthodontists have at their disposal to conduct more exams per day and increase patient acceptance
  • The benefits of advising patients on limited treatment for those who want a social six fix to get their “selfie smile” - as long as doctor takes full records and presents the options
  • LeeAnn Peniche’s tips for running a better practice
Resources: LeeAnn Peniche is the founder and president of Peniche & Associates and has spent 40 years working with thousands of practices, teaching and coaching on best practices with patient processes, marketing and in general, the business of excellence. LeeAnn’s philosophy is that each orthodontic practice has an opportunity to make a difference in patients’ lives beyond just straightening teeth. The systems she’s developed have helped transform the lives of thousands of patients by simplifying the process of starting treatment, and helping practices stay relevant to patient needs. LeeAnn has a team of 18 executives and consultants and she lectures throughout North America and Australia on the business of orthodontics. Website Facebook

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