Episode 41 - Legal Risks For Retreating DTC Patients with Trey Lawrence

September 24, 2022

On this episode we welcome back Trey Lawrence, as our special guest. Trey is the VP and general council for the AAO and he leads the organization's advocacy and legal teams. Trey is passionate about the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues around teledentistry and other emerging technologies that will impact the future of dentistry and orthodontics. Tune in to learn more from Trey as we chat about retreating DTC patients among other current topics concerning orthodontists and the possible legal ramifications


  • Government agencies and offices that assist patients harmed by treatments
  • Advice for orthodontists and patients coming from mail order treatment
  • Teledentistry and creating a baseline standard of care
  • AI and Robotics impact on the dentist industry


  • Legal issues are something every dentistry practice should be aware of and adjust to their needs, especially when patients may need issues rectified after using a mail order treatment.
  • Teledentistry, AI, and robotics have impacted the entire dentistry and orthodontic industry and everyone should adjust accordingly with new standards.

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