Episode 42 - Differentiating OrthoFX Clear Aligners From the Pack With Ren Menon

November 04, 2022

Today on The Golden Age of Orthodontics, we are joined by Ren Menon, the CEO of OrthoFX. Before founding OrthoFX, Ren spent 13 years in leadership roles at Align. Ren is also the co-founder of other startups and sits on the board of several fast-growing early stage companies. Join us as we bring you insights from Ren and chat about how OrthoFX can support orthodontists and their patients through their entire treatment journey.


  • Ren explains what makes OrthoFX aligners stand out from the pack.
  • Ren shares the journey orthodontists take when they sign up with OrthoFX.
  • Finance systems and how practices can use OrthoFX’s system or choose to stick with their own.
  • How OrthoFX strives to keep the integrity of orthodontic practices.
  • Ren shares his thoughts on current trends in orthodontics that will affect the future of the practice.


  • OrthoFX supports doctors by providing a complete set of digital solutions to attract and treat clear aligner patients
  • Practices can use OrthoFX in whatever way works best for them.
  • OrthoFX strives to help practices keep the integrity of the profession.

Achieving practice growth isn’t as simple as it used to be. But with groundbreaking technology and new communication channels to reach more patients, People + Practice is an orthodontic marketing agency that firmly believes that there’s never been a better time to be in practice. 


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