Episode 43 - To Sell or Not to Sell to an OSO? Talking to Dr. Scott Law From Smile Doctors

December 16, 2022

On today’s episode of The Golden Age of Orthodontics, we are joined by Dr. Scott Law, co-founder of Smile Doctors, an Orthodontist-owned Orthodontic group. Smile Doctors has grown to over 360 orthodontist-only partner practices in more than 25 states. Smile Doctors is a collaborative effort that combines the talents of many doctors to offer strengths and identify weaknesses, always putting patient needs first. Dr. Law shares the benefits of being affiliated with an OSO and even cites reasons why it may not be a good fit or experience for every doctor and the OSO.

In this episode:

  • Dr. Law outlines the idea behind Smile Doctors.
  • The benefits and risks of joining an OSO.
  • Determining the optimal fit for doctors wanting to join an OSO.
  • Selling your practice and how economics, the size of practice, and timing play a part.
  • Retiring doctors who wish to sell their business and thoughts about losing the skill set of someone with experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • OSOs provide many ancillary services to the doctor that they do not have to
  • Being a part of an OSO gives an orthodontist autonomy
  • Orthodontistry is a business model that can stand on its own
  • An OSO may not be a fit for a doctor who wants total control over every facet of their practice


Website - Smile Doctors
Linkedin - Dr. Scott Law


Dr. Scott Law is a wet-fingered orthodontist charged with overseeing the clinical processes and responsibilities for Smile Doctors, an orthodontist-owned orthodontic group. After completing residency at Jacksonville University School of Orthodontics in 2009, he and his wife Jessica purchased a small practice from a retiring orthodontist in Killeen, Texas. Using techniques based on customer service, fun, empowerment, and excellence, they grew that location to one of the largest practices in the U.S. Looking out on the horizon in 2015 and seeing the threats and opportunities facing orthodontics; they decided to scale their business based on the principle of Love On People First. Together with partners Dr. Dana Fender and Dr. Greg Goggans, Smile Doctors has grown to over 360 orthodontics-only partner practices. As an organization, we are constantly seeking transitioning doctors and or associates that align with our culture of loving people and seeking excellence as we deliver the Ultimate Patient Experience.


“Practicing orthodontics is the easy part. With an OSO, you benefit from a Legal Department, H.R. Department, Marketing Operations, etc., so that the doctor can be a doctor and treat patients. Sometimes the patient gets put last because of all the other things that need to take place to have a successful practice.” - Dr. Scott Law

“We want to incentivize all of our doctors to be successful; to pull in the same direction on the rope so that we all benefit from our labor.” - Dr. Scott Law

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