Episode 45 - Our Top Talks | The Most Relevant Orthodontic Industry Topics From The Last Year

March 03, 2023

On today’s episode of The Golden Age of Orthodontics, co-hosts Dr. Leon Klempner and Amy Epstein, MBA, celebrate four years of their podcast with their listeners. They share clips of podcasts from those years and revisit the highlights of various episodes. Christopher Bentson, Suzanne Wilson, Dr. Sky Naslenas, Wes Lyon and Trey Lawrence are featured in this dynamic episode. A variety of relevant topics you will want to hear again are covered. At the end of this episode, there is a surprise announcement you won’t want to miss.

In this episode:

  • Dr. Leon and Amy reflect on the beginnings of their podcast and will present highlights from podcasts that were fan favorites.
  • Christopher Bentson shares his thoughts regarding digital technology and where key players were focusing their investments. He also shares his recommendations on retooling staff.
  • Suzanne Wilson discusses essential business metrics or the value per patient visit.
  • Dr. Sky Naslenas tells us why she moved away from Invisalign.
  • Wes Lyon talks about factors to consider when you have an offer to sell your business.
  • Trey Lawrence advises on how to protect yourself if you are sued.
  • Amy and Dr. Leon share exciting news regarding the Golden Age of Orthodontics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Orthodontists should be careful when taking patients who have experienced shoddy work and are seeking treatment. Again, thorough documentation is necessary to protect you from a lawsuit.
  • Carefully consider selling your business. It’s not just the cash you receive upfront. If someone wants to purchase your practice, you may want to keep it yourself.
  • Valued staff can be excellent virtual assistants with training, which frees up the doctor’s time.


Chris Bentson - Website
Suzanne Wilson - LinkedIn
Dr. Sky Nasleenas - Website
Wes Lyon - Website
Trey Lawrence - Facebook


“Every practice I work with says, ‘this person has been with me for 20 years. They think as I do. They could be an orthodontist.’ That’s a skill set that can turn that person into a PA who could be a virtual assistant for you and save you tons of time.” - Christopher Bentson

“Immaculate documentation! Do everything you possibly can to record the previous condition because that will be crucial if you have to demonstrate to a jury or to a dental board that the harm the patients’ complaining of is harm that resulted from prior treatment and not from the treatment you are providing.” - Trey Lawrence

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