Ep 8 - Talking with Charlene White

December 03, 2019

We speak with Charlene White, owner of Progressive Concepts, an orthodontic practice management consultant with over 35 years of experience helping to improve practice performance. In this episode, Charlene gives us her advice on how she evaluates a practice and optimizes systems to improve efficiency and profitability. Topics covered include:

  • Some examples of the KPIs Charlene looks for when evaluating a practice’s performance and how they can be improved
  • Importance of pivoting a practice from depending on referral flow to direct-to-market strategies
  • Tips to for a healthy recall system
  • Building a peak performance team
  • The most important thing to help you dramatically increase patient starts

About Our Guest: Charlene White is an Orthodontic Consultant with over 35 years of experience in the orthodontic practice management field. Her company, Progressive Concepts, Inc., specializes in orthodontic consulting services, practice management workshops, group seminars, and training products. Charlene offers both in-office consultations and off-site management services. There is no better return on investment for an orthodontic practice than a consultation with Charlene White. Production and profits increase all while teamwork and stress improve, immensely. Resources:

Achieving practice growth isn’t as simple as it used to be. But with groundbreaking technology and new communication channels to reach more patients, People + Practice is an orthodontic marketing agency that firmly believes that there’s never been a better time to be in practice. 


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