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For any Orthodontic practice to be successful profitability and patient experience must be part of the plan.

When DentalMonitoring and People + Practice work together, your practice will have the marketing and tools in place to support increased profitability on every patient visit along with marketing and technology to enhance the patient experience and convenience.

DentalMonitoring Benefits

DentalMonitoring’s AI-powered platform and patented technology to detect and monitor 130+ oral observations, remotely. So you know exactly when a patient needs an in-person appointment.

Drive Compliance - Check treatment progress and detect issues early through closer supervision of treatment between appointments and automated next steps.
Optimize Chairtime - Schedule appointments at the right time and never walk into an appointment without knowing the most important information.
Boost Engagement - Give patients the convenience of connecting with your practice through our app. Send instructions and friendly reminders as often as needed.
DM Insights
This first one-stop platform that gives you access to all of the clinical data needed to drive treatment decisions, refine your workflow and grow your practice.
Refine your clinical workflow with access to practice data
Compare activity among patients and your performance with other practices
Observe how appliances differ across brands
Grow your practice without hiring additional staff thanks to boosted efficiency
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